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Get a custom quote on an Infomercial Advertising campaign that fits the needs of your brand and budget.

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Any TV Network

Get your infomercial on the air for the lowest prices possible. Use our buying power to save money and reach more of your potential customers in the best time slots!

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Any City

Local, Regional or National, we can help get your infomercial on the air where and when you want. ¬†We’ll come up with a plan that’s right for you and your TV infomercial!

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Any Time

From middle-of-the-day to middle-of-the-night. We’ll help you find the perfect time slots to air your infomercial for the lowest prices possible!

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Great Production

Don’t have an infomercial created yet? We can help! With our affordable infomercial production services, we can help you create an infomercial that makes consumers take action!

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Why Infomercial Advertising Group?

We will help find the best TV stations and times to air your infomercial on.  Infomercial Advertising Group will use our buying power and experience to work out a strategic plan for your brand!

Samples of Our Work

Press play to view a samples of our Infomercial Advertising work. Our infomercial production services are affordable and high quality. Plus, when your infomercial is complete – you own it! We don’t charge hefty residual fees to use it! Give us a call to discuss your infomercial needs!

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Are Infomercials Expensive?

  • October 22, 2013

Infomercial advertising can be an incredible way to deliver a message to a captive audience

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